Martian rover Larkin Mikhael

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me to buy beer)))


Motor on aliexpress:,searchweb201602_2_10093_10091_10090_10088_10089,searchweb201603_1&btsid=e00655cc-93d0-4203-b99c-68930730f6fe

12MM Hex connector:


Shock Absorber:

Shock absorber:,searchweb201602_2_10065_10068_10890_319_10546_317_10548_10696_453_10084_454_10083_10618_10307_537_536_10059_10884_10887_100031_321_322_10915_10103_10910,searchweb201603_6,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=9eeca0a4-2fc0-4aeb-8047-264d3b52c99c-15&algo_pvid=9eeca0a4-2fc0-4aeb-8047-264d3b52c99c&transAbTest=ae803_5

Hexagon Ball End:

HobbyKing X-Car 45A Brushed Car ESC:

Tube carbone 20mm
approximate length:
2x50mm, 95mm, 105mmThree on the left side of the motor are connected in parallel to a single speed controller. the right side is also parallel to the second speed control. Further speed controllers are connected to the receiver from the model aircraft equipment. the first and second channel. Control equipment of RC Planes. I use this:хтмл
(but it can be less expensive and does not matter.)how to configure the console's hard to explain in a few words. each country has its own forum on aircraft modeling. There, people can easily prompt to configure the remote. Simply place a link to the video, and they understand everything.Now the international forum:

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Hey do you have files other than .stl.
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Hello, I bought your stl, but some files are missing:
the underside, dimensions and other parts

can you update
thank you
Hello, I bought your stl, but some files are missing:
the underside, dimensions and other parts

can you update
thank you
i have pay the money , how could i download the files?
Write to the technical support of the site
Hello, tell us how the wheels are attached to the motors
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Hello. Amazing work. I was wondering if you can add a picture of how the motors are connected to the esc(s)

connected in parallel
me interesa mucho comprar tu diseño
podemos contactarnos para ver otra manera de pago?
Hi dear;
I want to buy your design but PayPal is not working in my country Turkey. Can you please send your email adress. So we can contact and I can pay with another way. I'm waiting unpatiently.
I've paid $9.99, where is the link for Full Version?
write in support
Do not understand, $9.99 for Full Version? Does Full Version mean 20 files in list of this page or the 8 files in download pack of product page? or just for beer? haha...
I've paid $9.99, where is the download link?
Una maravilla estoy deseando empezar a construirlo el problema es que algunos de los articulos de la lista ya no estan a la venta en hobbyking. ¿alguna solucion??
unavailable spare parts can be found on ebay or aliexpress
@iva HackTool:Win32/BCoinMine
We are running into issues of the parts not being available / backordered. Does anyone have an updated parts list for Hobby King?
free files is virus?
Free files for 3D printer:!8mBzkKBb!3HSV5rKnBVfa_rKZurAcWoX2dHAlqufQdrlPA6-k7Is
Do not click this link
Where did you get the coiled wires that run from the motors to the ESC? What are they called? Love the design!
Hello, Can I use the robot to my thesis? It's a fantastic robot, I like it. I'll program with python on Raspberry
What is thesis? I can not translate a thought
Question from a buyer...did you use only 2 ESC’s one for each side of motors or did you use 6 1 for each motor ?
Hi i use 2 esc. one left side and one right side.
I let you know how it comes out in a few months, looking forward to building this.
Great work.
But I'd like to modify some parts to use available parts (some of the parts you listed are out of stock).
The STL format is not suited for modifications. Could you provide Solidworks or STP/STEP files ?
I'm sorry, but I have no files in this format. I'm working in another program. In any case, the change is not provided, it is a finished product.
Can you release an assembly drawing? Need carbon fiber lengths/screw sizes/etc... I have it printed and cant wait to get her going!
Any plans to release the source files so that the model can be edited?
Is there a difference between these files and the one on Thingiverse?

Is it possible to scale this up to a larger size (2x or 4x)?
Thank for you answers.
1) I refer ¿What is the use of the big servo horn piece connected to two small shock absorber, in top of chassis?
2) What is the lenght of the M3, M5 and M10 screws. And, how much units of each.
3) Are you considering using ball bearings in the circular moving connections?
1 servo for camera
2 many of them, I'm sorry but there is no desire to disassemble the robot
3 is a toy, not see the point in the bearings
I got all the parts printed out without a problem. I think I will need to make spacers to mount the suspension to the body, but right now im waiting on parts. I ordered TPU Filament to print my own tires, I'm going with an airless design to add a spring action.
How long did you cut the carbon tubes?
2x50mm, 95mm, 105mm
1) What is the use the servo horn in top of chassis?
2)You remove the springs of shock absorber? Why?
3) What electronics you use? RPi, Arduino, Other?
4) Is possible have access to software you use?

Thank in advance for you answers (excuse my english).
1) at the top of the camera is
2) because there is only slowing effect
3) no. there are two speed controller. RC and receiver. RC equipment on aircraft
Can we get a build layout of how the parts are supposed to fit and recommended screws?
there are only 19 pieces))) is not difficult to understand. Screws: M3, M5, M10
Any Chance we could get the source files? iges, step, or solidworks format would be fine
Any Chance we could get the source files? iges, step, or solidworks format would be fine
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