Sell Your Files

Why Sell at Redpah?

As a seller at Redpah, you can choose the Redpah License ℠ and keep full commercial rights to your 3D print files without limitations, restrictions, or fine print. You set your file price, you can list your file at other places, and you can remove your file whenever you like. Redpah gives you a safe, seller-friendly marketplace to find your own path to success.

How do I sell 3D files?

It's easy. Register for a new account and upload files that you want to sell.

What's my commission as a seller?

Redpah uses Paypal for taking payments and paying sellers. On each purchase, the PayPal fees are 2.9%, plus $0.30, plus 2% to send the money to the seller. Redpah takes a 7% fee based on the sale price and the remaining money, after Paypal fees, is sent to the seller. Below you can see your estimated commission based on a variety of product prices. Remember, PayPal does have slightly different fees based on your location.

Product Price Your Commission
$1 $0.59
$2 $1.47
$5 $4.12
$10 $8.54
$20 $17.37
Do I have to pay anything to get started?


How do I cash out?

We process payouts weekly. If you have made any sales throughout the week and have added your Paypal email address then you can expect a payout within 7 days.

You do not have to provide your Paypal email address to get started. You can start selling files and accrue money now. You can provide your Paypal email address later, whenever you want to cash out. You will get an email with instructions on each sell you make.

Do I have to list my files exclusively with Redpah?

No. You can list your files anywhere else you want. We don't reduce commission percentage just because you want to sell elsewhere.

Who sets the price of my 3D files?

You do.

Can I offer 3D files for free?

Yes you can. In fact, we recommend offering some free files that will help you convince buyers of your quality and get them buying your other 3D files for money.

Do my 3D files have to be printable?

Yes. They need to be fully tested and you need to have the specifications for printing.

If you have 3D files that are not designed for printing, there are already many great sites to sell those.

What format should I upload my files in?

The format should be STL.

You may convert various CAD file formats to STL but you will need to verify that you have correctly performed geometry checks and test-printed. The goal is to give buyers what they want: great printable files.

What's my liability as a seller?

When you post a 3D file, you are representing that it is an original work that belongs to you. Therefore, you assume the legal risk.

What if I'm already listing my file for free at another site?

That's fine. You can also post your file at Redpah for a price, then refer people who may want to make a donation for your free files at other sites to your Redpah profile, where they can purchase.

What other advice do you have for sellers?

Great product pictures and a professional write-up are important. Would you buy a product with a poor picture or a poor write-up?

If you are not getting sales, try offering additional free files to build trust with buyers. You can also lower your price.

Selling takes time because buyers want to trust your brand before they spend with you. The greater number of high-quality files you offer for a fair price, the more buyers will put their trust in you...and spend with you. Just follow the Golden Rule: offer the quality you would want at the price you would want, and then be patient!

Millions of new people will have 3D printers in their houses in the next few years...they're going to demand a wide assortment of 3D print files. An entrepreneurial approach is to build your portfolio and brand now.