Sputnik 2 Laika Capsule Cutaway And Assembly Printable Model JulianDanzer

On November 3 1957 the soviet union launched Sputnik 2 into orbit, the second ever satellite to reach orbit carrying Laika, the first ever living being in space and making history. Sadly Laika died during the flight - although there had never been plans to bring her back alive she died earlier then expected from overheating due to a cooling system failure sparking a lot of political controversy. Today Laika is seen as a sort of unwilling hero of space exploration. The satellite was launched on a Sputnik rocket, a modified version of the R7 missile and carried several scientific instruments in it's main sphere and the life support capsule for the dog below. At it's 61 anniversary I made a printable 3d model of the spacecraft including a statc cutaway version as well as a version with a complete but removable launch fairing. The model is full scale but cna be scaled down and is designed with 3d printing in mind so all included details can be printed on an average printer after scaling the model down to 1/20 or 1/10

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

sputnik 2 base.STL 19 MB
sputnik 2 shell front.STL 5 MB
sputnik 2 shell back.STL 5 MB
sputnik 2 shell full.STL 7 MB
sputnik 2.STL 23 MB
sputnik 2 cutaway.STL 21 MB
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