Bad Dogs in Lockdown Reed

Started with a comment, these bad puppies in lockdown, created and printed on anycubic photon dlp printer, i have no idea if they will print on regular fdm printer but i guess if you print them large enough and have adequate supports.7 in total.printed easy on resin printer, auto supports using chitubox, then just painted coloured them in, looks like they dressed from primark.printed these between 60 and 80mm no issues, and the kids and grandchildren love them.

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Uploaded 05/3/2020

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

charles texting.STL 13 MB
dogpug chilling.stl 4 MB
dogpug stood.stl 4 MB
dogpug texting.stl 4 MB
dogpug turn.stl 4 MB
english on phone.stl 7 MB
monty with food.stl 15 MB
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