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image as seen from the side in the display-based that can be placed accessories, pens, watches, bits and bobs was the image of a curve depicting the S is uneri-S.
(It depends on the kind of watch and accessories.)

Easy Kimekomi by outputting a 3D printer!
(full cover Kimekomi Body)

It has become a model of support basically unnecessary.

It has become a model that assumes the output at a 3d printer fdm method.

There is a case where the output can be difficult depending on the type of slicer and 3d printer.

The output product by direct, indirect damages can not be held responsible in any case.

Image of 1-3 piece is in condition to have a Kimekomi.

Image of the fourth piece is the shading data state.

Accessories in the image is not attached.

Please refer to this http://3dpblog.studiorevent.com/?eid=2 material, tool, work in regard to the steps required Kimekomi.

sample Parameters(Material_PLA)
Layer Thickness_0.32mm
Skin Thickness_1mm

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Very nice base. This is a good website that masa_4dc lists...you can use Google Translate to read about the art there. http://4d-craft.jugem.jp/?eid=70
Thank you for useful comments.
I'll try immediately.
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