Pebble Time 22 mm handlebar mount Nazzareno

Take a look at my second version of this design:

This is a pebble time handlebar (22mm) support that can hold the pebble time with or whithout the strap there are various version and dimension.
It has a lid to block the watch from falling, it needs two bolts and nuts, i used and glued on the bottom two locknut and printed two knob for the bolts

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Uploaded 10/15/2016

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

pebble_handlebar_3_with_bolt_and_double_lid_without_band.stl 17 MB
pebble_handlebar_4_with_bolt_and_single_lid_without_band.stl 15 MB
pebble_handlebar_5_with_bolt_and_double_lid.stl 17 MB
pebble_handlebar_6_with_bolt_and_single_lid.stl 16 MB
pebble_handlebar_6_with_bolt_and_single_lid_short.stl 4 MB
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