DJI OSMO adapter for GoPro Hero 6 Krzysztof

I designed the adapter for the DJI OSMO bracket for the GoPro Hero 6 camera.
In addition, holes for M6 nuts are made so that the handle can be balanced. A maximum of 15 M6 caps will fit there. Plugs are also designed to cover the space for nuts. The camera is mounted on two M3x35 screws. For easier unscrewing I used nuts from leveling the table with a 3D printer. When filling 90%, the handle weighs approximately 130g. The camera is about 116g. the center of gravity of the DJI OSMO leaves a mass of about 80 g of the counterweight of the handle, so you should use additional M6 nuts.

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Uploaded 07/18/2018

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

DJI OSMO adapter GoPro Hero 6.stl 562 KB
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