Set of christmas balls salvador-richter

This is a set of Christmas tree balls.Variing in Diameter and in number of outer splines.Fixed text "Merry Christmas"If you like another personal text, just drop me a note, and I create one for you.

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Uploaded 11/27/2016

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

ChristmasBall_40_4.stl 451 KB
ChristmasBall_40_6.stl 566 KB
ChristmasBall_40_8.stl 681 KB
ChristmasBall_40_12.stl 895 KB
ChristmasBall_60_4.stl 444 KB
ChristmasBall_60_6.stl 557 KB
ChristmasBall_60_8.stl 679 KB
ChristmasBall_60_12.stl 884 KB
ChristmasBall_80_4.stl 445 KB
ChristmasBall_80_6.stl 560 KB
ChristmasBall_80_8.stl 650 KB
ChristmasBall_80_12.stl 886 KB
ChristmasBall_100_4.stl 559 KB
ChristmasBall_100_6.stl 744 KB
ChristmasBall_100_8.stl 879 KB
ChristmasBall_100_12.stl 1 MB
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