Shaft Coupling Set - Metric - Reducers Anida Technologies

File: Shaft Couplings Reducers.STLName: Shaft Coupling - Metric - ReducersMaterial: 27 grams ( 0.06 lbs) Infill = 12%Size: 72.56 mm (2.857") x 75.56 mm (2.857") x 30 mm (1.181")Resolution: 0.20mmLayers: 156 layers  Rafts: Yes  Supports: NoPrint Time:  3 hr 29 minFunction:  Prints a set of six couplings to connect 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm shafts together in any combination required.  Each couple requires two M3 x 12 screws and M3 nuts to squeeze each end of the coupling to its shaft.  If you don't need all six, simply print the size you need.  These couplings will take a surprising amount of axial misalignment inclduing offset and angular.  Each end of the coupling has the size engraved into the surface.

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If you're looking to print and use these couplings, make sure to follow the provided specifications and wordle instructions for assembly.
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