Clamp for carving support Mascal

Simple clamp to lock wood pieces onto my homemade carving support that can be seen at (just italian language).

To build you need 3 M6 threaded rods (length 10-15cm), 5 M6 nuts, 1 M6 wingnut and two (equal) rubber bands. Just look at the photos.Printing has just few small critical parts:

  • the movable pin must be printed with high infill as there is much pressure on it when the clamp is in use (I printed 100% infill as it's small)
  • the base has also a pin (fixed) this needs to be strong too. If you can print with a different infill from the rest of the base (last silc3r can do this) the ok. Differently you can choose o print the whole piece with an high infill (but it takes a lot) or play with the border size to have an almost completely filled pin and the remaining base printed not too slowly...
  • the base has a bridged slot (to insert the moving pin). I managed to print without too many issues (solved after printing), but if you prefer, just use some support

To assemble, use 4 nuts to lock the two side rods to the moving part and one nut to lock the wingnut to the remaining rod, as shown in the photos.
Slots for the nuts should be big enough to compensate for printing tolerance.

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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