Chemical eye burns - Symptoms, causes and treatment alijen

Today our eyes are exposed to too many chemicals that cause a number of dangerous diseases such as glaucoma, corneal ulcers, color blind test....

Chemical eye burns are a dangerous and emergency accident, especially in ophthalmology. Chemical eye burns need to be given first aid properly to minimize possible complications to the patient's eyes.


Acid burns include inorganic acids (sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid) or organic acids.

Basic burns such as lime burns, alkaline burns.

Accidental eye burns caused by chemicals are acids that often occur in industry, in battery manufacturing, metal plating, laboratories, daily life or when someone intentionally splashes acid in the eyes.

Base burns are common among workers in aluminum manufacturing or soap making facilities. Lime burns are common in the construction industry or in daily life. Eye burns from benzene can occur in rubber manufacturing facilities.

Treatment of eye burns caused by chemicals

The key point in the treatment of chemical eye burns is that the treatment needs to be urgently and accurately to ensure the physiological function of the eye. Depending on the specific case, eye burns will be treated according to different protocols, but the general principles still need to be followed:

Eliminate flammable substances: wash eyes with clean water




Enhance corneal nutrition

Treatment of complications and sequelae

Surgical treatment when necessary

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