Roll paper holder masa_4dc

It is used by placing the roll paper.

Please adjust by usability out how the parts of a paper cut.

I have created two kinds of parting Flat and Kimekomi type.

Making it the modeling of support basically unnecessary.

It has become a model that assumes the output at a 3d printer fdm method.

There is a case where the output can be difficult depending on the type of slicer and 3d printer.

The output product by direct, indirect damages can not be held responsible in any case.

Image of 1-3 th is in the state which was the Kimekomi Kimekomi type. (Sample Thick0.32 & acetone vapor)

Image of the fourth piece is the Kimekomi type shading data state.
(With some support (red part))

Accessories in the image is not included.

Please refer here material, tools, regard work steps necessary to Kimekomi.

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Great picture of the model. :)
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