Saitek X52 PS/2 Connector Protection SaufendesWiesel

Saitek X52 PS/2 Connector Protection in combination with Monstertech chair mount.

i printed the alpha version of the protector on my Ender 3 in ABS. but because of the layer seperation i went with Siraya Blu on my Anycubic photon and the result is much better.

if you got your printer in a heated environment, you could print it in ABS or PETG, that should work too.

the green prints you see are Anycubic Resin prints, but the Anycubic resin tends to be too hard and brittle

Printer Brand: Anycubic
Printer: Photon
Supports: Yes
Resolution: 0.05
Infill: 100%Resin: Siraya Blu

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Uploaded 05/20/2019
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