Modular Tie Rack - Hanger - Holder Stuart

Do you love ties? I love ties! Do you hate running out of space on your tie rack? Me too! This tie rack is full printable, with no glue or other material required.
When my tie rack fills up I have to go buy another, so I designed this tie rack to be modular so you can keep adding more sections to it growing the rack to meet your needs.
You can have it hold just 4 ties, by printing the hook and end cap piece or 8 by printing the hood a main piece and the end cap. And so on for more and more ties.
I tried to make it so the ties don't hang above each other as much as possible as I find on conventional racks as the start to fill the ties are so close together that as you pull one tie off it pulls one or more off with it. 
This design is also great because you could edit the end cap to have hooks for belts, or re make the pins that go in the side into hoops for scarves! You can have your ties spread out or cream it full of pins to have many ties. All the pieces screw together so you can pull it apart and put it back together, no glue or other material required! You can mix and match with colours too and make this hanger a really useful closet accessory! 

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Uploaded 07/7/2014
End Capfix.stl
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hook topfixed.stl
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Hour Glass Pins1fix.stl
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Main Round2fix.stl
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Stuart, truly a nice product! Great gift for a million fathers out there...
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