I present you a "dandelion frame" for an original decorationthe "dandelion" frame measures 12.8 cm by 11.2 cm and 4.2 mm deep, printing time 2 hthe "elongated dandelion" frame measures 19.5 cm by 8.4 cm and 4 mm deep, printing time 2 h 13 minOn the picture I printed the yellow on the black directly, (with my cr10, after four to five layers, change the filament, put yellow and restarted)otherwise all you have to do is paintthe frame already has a hook, all you have to do is put the pin or the point in the wall:)3D PRINTING SETTINGSTaux de remplissage 30% 30%. Vitesse d'impression de 80% pas trop rapide pour un meilleur rendu . Température d'impression au PLA 215 ° Température de plateau à 60 ° 0.15 épaisseur de couche 1.2 épaisseur de coque 1.2 épaisseur au-dessus / en dessous NO SUPPORT

  •  Format de modèle 3D: STL


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