Nespresso Space-Saving dispenser sub-cupboards (300mm Z-axis) stv-is-it


Each dispenser contains a full 10-capsule package.

You can put more nearby dispensers to have a wide choice of tastes (and colors).

Printer version with minimum print height 300 mm.
(There is a version with TWO PIECES for 3D printes of at least 150 mm of Z-axis
Print the long part vertically for better accuracy.

Assembly instructions: Place the triangular support under the kitchen cupboards with the 2 screw holes facing you (also add the tube-dispenser to find the right depth). Mark the points to insert the screws (preferable) or if you prefer you can use good quality double-sided tape. Secure the stand. Select the inclination you prefer by inserting in the back of the tube-dispenser The element that adjusts the inclination between 20-25-30-35 degrees (in the video is used the 20 degrees).

Fill the tube-dispenser with the capsules and insert it into the support as shown in the video. Enjoy!


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