Walkera F210 Antenna Protector Battery Balance Plug Holder Michael

Walkera F210 Racing Drone balance plug/ XT60 plug holder/ antennae protector . This is an essential multi purpose thing to help protect and unclutter your F210. First, it holds your battery firmly in place and prevents it from moving forward or back. Second, it has slots to hold your balance plug so it doesn't get chopped off by your propellers. Third, it holds your XT60 plug when you want to transport it. Forth, and maybe most importantly, it protects your antenna from being damaged in a crash. Last but not least, it strengthens up the rear of the F210 and will help protect the antenna holder from being damaged in a crash. It also makes your drone look pretty cool! It slides into the rear battery compartment of the drone securely but will require glue to make it stay in place.

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