Celestial Harmony 3D Star Mug and Plate Set adrita

Experience the magic of the night sky with our “Celestial Harmony 3D Star Mug and Crescent Plate Set.” Crafted with love using Autodesk Fusion 360, this enchanting duo combines the celestial allure of stars and the soothing presence of the crescent moon.The star-shaped mug fits perfectly in your hand, cradling your favorite beverages like a constellation in the night sky. Elevate your dining experience with this 3D print-ready design, perfect for capturing celestial moments at your table. Whether as a thoughtful gift or an elegant addition to your collection, the “Celestial Harmony 3D Star Mug and Crescent Plate Set” promises to bring the cosmos to your home. You can find this design and more on their platform Link- https://3d.jlcpcb.com/?from=3Dmodels&fbclid=IwAR09HsROuxtkoSjiKKI74Gl1wLvEohS1gs_DYDZADGBzdf6jpJfxOYjKMKs,where you can easily order and 3D print your favorite creations. Explore a world of possibilities and bring your designs to life with JLC 3D Print’s services.”

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Moon and Star Plate.stl 30 KB
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