VW Passat Variant 3b (B5) 3bg (B5.5) Trunk curtain Restoration kit AdditiveLegacyParts

Restoration kit for VW Passat Variant 3b (B5) and 3bg (B5.5) Trunk curtains.  

Contains all the pieces of the tops, which inevitably break after many years.

You only need to have the canvas, the extruded profile and the shaft inside it. (Material that doesn’t get damaged).
We are specialists in the development and production of discontinued automotive parts.


This restoration can be very lucrative in any country, you can easily earn enough for the STL working locally, 9/10 Passat vans need this fix, a working trunk curtain for these models sells around 150$ worldwide.

All parts should produced in ABS  to withstand sun exposure and  for great durability.

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Uploaded 11/26/2022

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Butão.STL 117 KB
CoverTrancaDir.STL 24 KB
CoverTrancaESQ.STL 24 KB
Link.STL 54 KB
PassatChapeleiraDir.STL 124 KB
PassatChapeleiraESQ.STL 106 KB
Ponta Tubo.STL 74 KB
Pontomola.STL 11 KB
TrancaDir.STL 131 KB
TrancaEsq.STL 129 KB
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