VW GOLF / JETTA MK3 Steering column Trim Cover (20 mm) AdditiveLegacyParts

3D Printable version alternative for the discontinued Steering column Trim Cover for VW MK3 with height regulation.These parts are becoming very hard to find in a good state, and becoming very expensive although they can easily break due to the age.

Be aware that some models have different ignition diameters, if yours is different, I will have other models published. (this one is 20 mm)

Best to print in ABS or other UV resist material, but PETG may hang on in cold climates and cars that stay in garages.

It's not an easy Part to print, print both parts starting with walls in the base, the TOP trim requires more Supports than the BOT. These geometries are very subjectable to warping, I generally use low warp ABS. Any trouble you have printing I'm available to help.

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Uploaded 07/6/2022

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