GOLF MK3 15" BBS Rim Wheel Center AdditiveLegacyParts

BBS Wheel Center for original Golf MK3 15" Rims to print, sand and paint.
The locking is removable from the wheel center so that the centers can be easily repaired, and you don't have to print the whole part, in the future, if anything happens.

I also provide a feature so that you can mount the wheel center in a power drill, to sand it down faster.

They use 75mm VW logo Badges / Wheel Sticker.

Print in UV resistant material.

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Uploaded 07/6/2022

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

FeatureTorno.STL 256 KB
MK3 BBS 15 Center caps lock 2.STL 273 KB
MK3 BBS 15 Center caps New.STL 435 KB
MK3 BBS 15 Center caps RING.STL 86 KB
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