Classic Bookcase Sergio Lanna


Two bookcase furniture of different sizes for your models.

Of the large model there are also the pieces to be cut to make it in wood with laser cutting.


Due mobili libreria di diversa grandezza per i vostri plastici. 

Del modello grande ci sono anche i pezzi da tagliare per realizzarla in legno con taglio laser.

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Uploaded 06/24/2022

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

libreriagrande.stl 861 KB
libreriagrande-ante.stl 183 KB
libreriagrande-fregio.stl 53 KB
libreriapiccola.stl 25 KB
libreriapiccola-ante.stl 55 KB
libreriapiccola-fregio.stl 28 KB
BookCase cutting.pdf 79 KB
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