Golf 3 Vento 3 cup holder frame Eszenyi David

You can use this cup holder frame to converting original cup holders from sharan, galaxy, alhambra, audi a4, a6, polo 6n2, lupo, to use in your MK3.
You need to use 2K epoxy or something else strong glu ein the front side.

If you want to build to your car, you need to remove the two close mechanism piece(picture shows, you don't need to demage anything).
Video from the cup holder in my instagram page: @eszenyidavid

Later will be available to the other side.

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Uploaded 09/15/2021

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

G3 bal v3.stl 223 KB
G3 elolap v1.stl 416 KB
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