3D Printable Female Hips Holder Pot (Presupported) 3DArt'n'Craft

Female Hips Pen/Pencil Holder ready to 3D Print. Can be punched on the base and serve as plant vase as well. Tested and printed!
Around 110mm high.

- Presupported STL (for resin 3D printer).
- Presupported Punched STL (for resin 3D printer).
- STL without supports.
- Presupported Chitubox (v1.81+) Scene.
- Settings, Render, Product images.
*** Printed on Anycubic Photon Mono using Quanton3D RPG resin.***

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Category Household
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Uploaded 03/11/2021
Female_Hips_Holder.stl 15 MB
SUPPORTED_Female_Hips_Holder.stl 24 MB
SUPPORTED_PUNCHED_Female_Hips_Holder.stl 24 MB
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