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How Many Lives Did The Telegraph Save?

A telegraph worked by transmitting electrical signals over wires.  Imagine how the task of transmitting electrical signals literally revolutionized communication.  People from all over the world could now communicate almost instantly. Think of it as old-fashioned texting!
Check out my blog post for a brief history and how this technology saved over 700 of lives from the Titanic!

Side knobs are threaded for easy assemblyOther knobs are glued...I used hot glue 

What you will need

Any type of superglue/hot glue for assembly of knobs

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Back Knob.stl 3 MB
base knob.stl 1 MB
Base.stl 152 KB
bottom knob.stl 2 MB
Lever.stl 545 KB
Shaft Knob (1).stl 5 MB
Shaft.stl 1 MB
washer.stl 902 KB
wire holder.stl 696 KB
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