Coin stand (piedistallo per medaglie/monete) Sergio Lanna

Pedestals for medals and coins display in 4 sizes:

  1. 50mm diameter and 4mm thickness
  2. 72mm diameter and 6mm thickness
  3. 100mm diameter and 7.5mm thickness
  4. 50mm diameter 50mm and 4mm thicknessĀ  with year "1990"

Piedistalli per esposizione medaglie e monete in 4 taglie:

  1. diametro 50mm e spessore 4mm
  2. diametro 72mm e spessore 6mm
  3. diametro 100mm e spessore 7,5mm
  4. diametro 50mm e spessore 4mm con anno "1990"

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Uploaded 01/28/2021

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

coinstand 50x4 1990.stl 120 KB
coinstand 50x4.stl 66 KB
coinstand 72x6,5.stl 54 KB
coinstand 100x7,5.stl 82 KB
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