Google NEST Mini US socket direct stand v.2 stv-is-it


Socket stand for Google Nerst Mini, can be connected directly to the US socket.
The cable is completely rolled up and hidden inside the Stand.
4 screws head Pan D(3.9mm) d(2.3mm) L(8.0mm without head).
2 screws head Flat D(7.0mm) d(3.4mm) L(11.5mm with head).
Print 50% infill with 0.2 mm layer.

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Uploaded 12/11/2020

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GNMspp.v2_EUS-COVER.stl 694 KB
GNMspp.v2_EUS-SUPPORT.stl 718 KB
GNMspp.v2_US-BASE.stl 83 KB
GNMspp.v2_US-GRND.stl 65 KB
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