Z-Morph 3DP 6W Engraving Laser Head Grav Jakub Lewandowski

This step file generates an engraving and cutting laser head, together with all the required mounts for a Z-Morph 3D Printer. This item can be used to add a laser cutting and engraving functionality to your Z-Morph 3D Printer. It includes a design of a 6 W engraving and cutting laser head from Opt Lasers. This file has been originally made available via: https://optlasersgrav.com/
If you want to learn the specifications of the 6W Opt Lasers cutting and engraving laser head, visit the website: https://optlasersgrav.com/laser-head

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Uploaded 11/26/2020
14. Z-Morph 3DP 6W Engraving Laser Head for Opt Lasers Grav.stl
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