CNC 3DP Laser Nozzle for 2W Laser Opt Lasers Grav Jakub Lewandowski

This file spawns a CNC 3DP Laser Nozzle for a 2 W laser head. This nozzle can be utilized to direct the airflow from the fan of a cutting and engraving laser head into the working site of the engraving and cutting laser beam. This item has been designed specifically for 3D printers with an engraving and cutting laser module from Opt Lasers. This file can also be downloaded from:
If you want to learn more about the upper hand offered by the blue laser technology that gave birth to cutting and engraving laser heads this laser nozzle was designed for, read the article in the link below:

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Uploaded 11/26/2020
12. CNC 3DP Laser Nozzle for 2W Laser Opt Lasers Grav.stl
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