Beatles drum magnet and keychain Sergio Lanna

A nice magnet for your fridge or an original keychain in the shape of a Beatles bass drum.
Made in three modular pieces to be printed in different colors.
I made a precise model for resin printing (not tested) and a model with wider margins for filament printing (tested with PLA).
I also made several versions, with more or less details and with greater or lesser thickness.

Una simpatica calamita per il vostro frigorifero o un originale portachiavi a forma di grancassa dei Beatles.
Realizzata in tre pezzi componibili da stampare in colori differenti.
Ho fatto un modello preciso per stampa a resine (non testato) e un modello con margini più ampi per stampa a filamento (testato con PLA).
Inoltre ho fatto varie versioni, con più o meno dettagli e con maggiore o minore spessore.

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Uploaded 11/22/2020

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

KeyDrum.stl 224 KB
KeyFlatRes Drum.stl 286 KB
KeyFlatRes Ring.stl 149 KB
KeyFlatRes Ring2.stl 166 KB
KeyFlatRes Txt.stl 362 KB
KeyMagDrum.stl 443 KB
KeyMagRing.stl 196 KB
KeyMagRing2.stl 217 KB
KeyMagText.stl 504 KB
KeyMagVarious.stl 72 KB
KeyRes Drum.stl 285 KB
KeyRes Ring.stl 149 KB
KeyRes Ring2.stl 166 KB
KeyRes Txt.stl 362 KB
KeyRing.stl 102 KB
KeyRing2.stl 112 KB
KeyText.stl 274 KB
MagDrum.stl 224 KB
MagFlatRes Drum.stl 290 KB
MagFlatRes Ring.stl 101 KB
MagFlatRes Ring2.stl 118 KB
MagFlatRes Txt.stl 362 KB
MagRes Drum.stl 290 KB
MagRes Ring.stl 101 KB
MagRes Ring2.stl 118 KB
MagRes Txt.stl 362 KB
MagRing.stl 100 KB
MagRing2.stl 111 KB
MagText.stl 234 KB
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