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File: Dishwasher.stl
Name: Dishwaher Sign
PLA Material: 21.91 grams ( 0.048 lbs)
Infill = 10%
Size: 92.27 mm (3.63") x  63.50 mm (2.50") x 5.72 mm (0.225")
Resolution: 0.20mm
Layers: 35 layers
Rafts: Yes
Supports: No
Print Time: 1 hr 42 min
Function: Everyone needs a little indicator on the status of their dishwasher to tell others if the contents are clean or dirty.  Print these parts in a single color or make the shutter a different color to add some pizazz.  It can be printed at any scale but if you print them 1:1 then you can use a qtip stick to hold them together.  You can adhere to the surface using double backed tape directly or use a magnetic strip (depends if your dishwasher is non-ferrous stainless steel or ferrous steel). Meta: Dishwasher Clean Dirty Sign Washed Unwashed Fill Empty

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Uploaded 05/12/2020

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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