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The MELTICA team has developed an innovative protective face shield design. Using their knowledge and experience in the area of additive manufacturing, a protective face shield was designed using elements manufactured on 3D printers. The proposed solution has a lightweight construction, allows for quick production and easy self-assembly. Any material that is used in FDM and FFF technologies can be used to manufacture the proposed solution. The universal solution of helmet elements allows the use of any 3D printer that produces elements in additive manufacturing. The elements of the helmet have been constructed in a way that allows 3D printing of the elements in less than 20 minutes. The face shield can be made of any transparent material (e.g. PET, PC, PVC) with a thickness in the range of 0.2 to 0.6 mm. It takes about 1 minute to assemble a complete helmet yourself. The developed solution allows maximum use of the potential of the 3D printer. During the day, over 70 pieces of elements for the production of the visor can be printed on a 3D printer using filament. Anyone who has a 3D printer can download a file from the site and create their own protective helmet

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