Ford focus II 2008-2011 holder Iphone / cellphone Rambaldi

Mobile phone holder specific for ford Focus 2ยช s. 2008-2011, but also for home.
Is the support you were looking for, it hooks to the seat of the upper cover of the dashboard (which keeps its functionality intact) .
It can be dismantled and reassembled very quickly .
It does not interfere with the button of the double emergency arrows.
It is adjustable in width so you can fit almost all the phones on the market .The two upper arms can slide into a groove to adapt the width of the phone.It has lower windows to connect the phone to the car power supply, for speakers in case of handsfree use, and also for the external audio jack.
Excellent even if you use the phone as a navigator.
The photos show an Iphone SE, a Huawei and a samsung of various sizes.But the beauty is that you can also use it at home because it is a rational and pleasant design object.
The project is made up of 3 pieces: the main support and the two sliding arms.
It does not require glue, it does not require supports for 3D printing.
For the modest sum of $ 7.50 you update your car in style, friends will be amazed at your item

Print with 0.16 mm layer , the model shown was made both with the Ender3 Cura software and with Priusaslicer2.2.0 linux.
Both work well, be careful to provide a brim at the base of at least 4 mm, no skirt, best of all but rather slow is to provide a raft base layer.

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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