iPhone support for video tutorials (and other mobiles) Rambaldi

Ultimate vertical support for iphone mod. SE, 5, 4S (and many other brand) to fix the phone to the Ikea Jansjo lamp stem.
The tool is very useful for creating videos shot from above with the Iphone as a fixed camera.
No 3d supports are needed.
It is composed of 4 pieces that fit together without the need for glue around the bulb of the Ikea Jansjo lamp, which has the characteristic of being easily adjustable.It may be necessary to apply self-adhesive polyurethane foam strips approx. 1-2 mm depending on the thickness of the phone.I attach the 2 .stl files of the pieces that are printed in PLA in standard mode.

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Uploaded 03/29/2020

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

porta_phone_1.stl 4 KB
porta_phone_2.stl 11 KB
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