Diorama elements (fireplace) Sergio Lanna

A basic fireplace for your dining room models.
There is a version for 3D printing and a simplified version for laser cutting (with 2 mm thick cardboard or  plywood).

  • Available in scale 1:10, 1: 100, H0 (1/87) and N (1: 160).
  • For small scale, a resin printer is recommended.
  • Print the two pieces separately and then join them. If you want, use some glue.
  • For laser cutting use 2mm thick cardboard or wood.

Rename the file "cutting parts.txt" in "cutting parts.dxf" to have the pieces to be cut with a laser in scale 1:10

Un caminetto base per i vostri modelli di sala da pranzo. C'è la versione per stampa 3d e una versione semplificata per il taglio laser (con cartone o legno compensato da 2 mm di spessore).

  • Disponibile in scala 1:10, 1:100, H0 (1/87) e N (1:160).
  • Per scala piccola, si consiglia una stampante a resine.
  • Stampa i due pezzi separatamente e poi uniscili. Se vuoi, usa della colla.
  • Per il taglio laser usare cartone o legno da 2mm di spessore.

Rinomina il file "cutting parts.txt" in "cutting parts.dxf" per avere i pezzi da tagliare con laser in scala 1:10

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Fire3Dbottom10.stl 40 KB
Fire3Dbottom100.stl 40 KB
Fire3DbottomH0.stl 40 KB
Fire3DbottomN.stl 40 KB
Fire3Dtop10.stl 43 KB
Fire3Dtop100.stl 43 KB
Fire3DtopH0.stl 43 KB
Fire3DtopN.stl 43 KB
Firelaser10.stl 9 KB
Firelaser100.stl 9 KB
FirelaserH0.stl 9 KB
FirelaserN.stl 9 KB
Fireplace parts.pdf 11 KB
cutting parts.txt 220 KB
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