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An unusual jewelry box is a good idea for a gift and decoration at home, and this is about one of those things that show that buying a 3D printer is a good idea.This jewelry box of classical shape decorated with the relief and figure of a sitting ballerina was designed specifically for trouble-free printing with a minimum number of supports (a small number of supports is needed only for printing figures) and with maximum productivity. The laconic form and smooth surface are rather simply ground during post-processing. Such a surface looks great with various painting methods and provides a beautiful game of glare and shadows.

  • Dimensions of the box: 190 x 190 x 75 mm.
  • Jewelry box height with a figurine: 220 mm.
  • Plastic Consumption: 390 grams of ABS plastic.

Post-processing: grinding, chemical polishing with ethyl acetate.
Coloring: acrylic enamels and polyurethane varnish. It was painted with a brush.
The lid of the box is glued in two parts: JewelryBox2-1.STL and JewelryBox2-2.STL.
The figurine is attached to the lid with a screw.
The jewelry box shown was printed on a Lad-1.0 FDM printerhttp://https// with a nozzle of 0.5 mm, a layer height of 0.2 mm when printing the case and 0.15 mm when printing the figurine.

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

JewelryBox2-1.STL 22 MB
JewelryBox2-2.STL 400 KB
JewelryBox2-3.STL 1 MB
JewelryBox2-Figurine.stl 15 MB
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