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An unusual jewelry box is a good idea for a gift and decoration at home, and this is one of those things that will show that buying a 3D printer is a good idea.This Jewelry Box of classical shape, decorated with an elegant spire on which the Golden Cockerel sits, was designed specifically for trouble-free printing without supports with maximum productivity. The laconic form and smooth surface are rather simply ground during post-processing. Such a surface looks great with various painting methods and provides a beautiful game of glare and shadows.
Post-processing: grinding, chemical polishing with ethyl acetate.Coloring: acrylic enamels and polyurethane varnish. It was painted with a brush.
Jewelry Box 1 dimensions: 160 x 160 x 290 mm.Plastic consumption: 270 grams.The shown Jewelry Box 1 were printed on an FDM printer Lad-1.0http://https// with a nozzle of 0.5 mm, a layer height of 0.2 mm from ABS plastic.
The casing is glued in three parts:CasketBox1-Body.STLCasketBox1-Bung.STLCasketBox1-Ring.STL
The box cover is available in two versions:1. One-piece lid - CasketBox1-Top.STL2. A cover assembled from three parts (such parts are printed easier):CasketBox1-Top1.STLCasketBox1-Top2.STLCasketBox1-Top3.STL
The Golden Cockerel is glued from two parts:CasketBox1-GoldenCockerel-L.STLCasketBox1-GoldenCockerel-R.STL
The cap spire is reinforced with a steel pin with a diameter of 2 mm and a length of 150 mm, on the protruding part of this pin protruding from the Golden Cockerel figurine.

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

CasketBox1-Body.STL 2 MB
CasketBox1-Bung.STL 430 KB
CasketBox1-GoldenCockerel-L.STL 6 MB
CasketBox1-GoldenCockerel-R.STL 6 MB
CasketBox1-Ring.STL 469 KB
CasketBox1-Top.STL 4 MB
CasketBox1-Top1.STL 2 MB
CasketBox1-Top2.STL 1 MB
CasketBox1-Top3.STL 1 MB
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