v2 Quick car phone holder with Wireless Charger stv-is-it

Now also the new version (v2) with hook for hanging (Renault Zoe<2020), more secure.
(v1 also available)

Evolution of simple holder (https://www.redpah.com/product/4543).

See video: https://youtu.be/Vie-obfrR84

Today all new cars have Bluetooth hands-free or infoteinement systems.
No need to see the phone screen or connect the cable.
The most important thing is to find a safe, simple and quick place to put the phone without interfering with the car's internal controls.
Quick to put on when entering and quick to take when you leave.
I made it for ZOE but it can be good for other cars too.
The center of the wireless charger is about 60 mm high.

Internal width: 83 mm
v1 versions depth: 10-11-12-14-16 mm
v2 versions depth: 9-10-11-12-14 mm

Wireless Charging Pad
Amazon (.de .it .es .fr) B07B9SH1GR
Amazon (.com .com.au) B079L1KKLM 

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