Keys holder like Renault remote-key stv-is-it

For Euro-standard keys (4), maximum thickness 3 mm for key.
Same dimensions as the Renault remote-key, double thickness.

Use screws 2.2x6mm for plastic like these (

Print "A" and "E" parts with a thickness of 0.10 or less.
Print "B", "C" and "D" parts with a thickness of 0.15.
All infill 40% or more.

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Uploaded 07/4/2019
disco_0,4(E).stl 16 KB
disco_0,6(E).stl 16 KB
divisorio(A).stl 116 KB
guscio-v2(D).stl 282 KB
perno-v2(BC).stl 10 KB
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