Renault/Nissan Z.E. Cable Flexi Charger 3.2KW trick (Zoe Leaf Tesla) stv-is-it

By default, the Renault Z.E. Flexi Charger (296902385R) charge at 2.3 KW (10 Amp / 230 Volt) but...   a Reed magnetic contact inside the Schuko plug allows to increase the charge at 3.2 KW (14 Amp).

To activate the contact Reed requires an electrical outlet French with a built-in magnet, or...   print this model, insert a 10x10 mm magnet, and when you want your Flexi Charger distribute 3.2 KW, hook it to the side of the Schuko plug (as shown in the photo) before inserting it into the socket.

Magnet D.10x10 mm
amazon (.it .fr .de .es): B010DOZH8M

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