Insteon 2 Micro Modules DIN rail stand stv-is-it

Compatible with all Insteon micro modules.
For DIN Bar 35mm.
Occupies 2.5 units space.
Print as you see in the picture to not break the hook that blocks the micro module.

My creations for Insteon: (2 Micro Modules DIN rail stand) (Mini Remote Bticino Matix bracket) (Mini Remote Bticino Livinglight bracket) (Mini Remote Vimar Plana bracket) (Mini Remote Vimar Idea bracket) (Mini Remote keychain) (Mini-Remote wall mount like original)

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Uploaded 05/28/2019
2.5DINx2micro_lock.stl 17 KB
2.5DINx2micro-base.stl 172 KB
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