Airsoft M18 Smoke Grenade BB Container-Dispenser 3dPrintedStuff

Airsoft BB Dispenser in form of M18 Smoke Grenade
Capacity ca. 800bbs
To be used ass Container-Dispenser to fill Fastloaders
Use Hairspray as adhesive for printingSuperglue parts together after ataching fuse and dispenser

Dispenser Assembly
Dispenser Test
For Snap Fit Parts like Fuse atachement and Dispenser Atachement use lighter to heatup/soften the tabs than after attaching reheat and spread them to ensure good grip
Print out the label and glue it on to case (optional apply clear lacquer)

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Uploaded 04/25/2019

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

case.stl 145 KB
distributor.stl 585 KB
door.stl 1 MB
Fuse.stl 788 KB
nade top.stl 440 KB
funnel.stl 564 KB
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