Update for FlashForge Finder - Definitive Spool Holder Stand stv-is-it

Rotatable Update for my "FlashForge Finder - Definitive Spool Holder Stand"
Reduces the effort of the filament drive motor for greater reliability and durability.

BEARING CYLINDER CLEAN video: https://youtu.be/cnKFS9WvXJw
FINAL ASSEMBLY video: https://youtu.be/kux0-8S_has

SEE EFFECTIVENESS (Zortrax M200 version) on https://youtu.be/l7WOmbPqmVg.

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Uploaded 03/28/2019
BearingCylinder_x15.stl 730 KB
LockUnlock-pin.stl 34 KB
LockUnlock.stl 16 KB
RotatableCylinder.stl 385 KB
ClosingDisc.stl 91 KB


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