Projector wireless control module for motorized screen stv-is-it


1x Insteon "Open/Close Sensor"
1x Insteon "Open/Close Micromodule"
2x Relay 230VAC or 120VAC like RT114730
1x Microrelay 5VDC like Finder
1x USB data/power cable (

When I turn the projector ON (or OFF), the micro-relay connected to the USB port closes (or opens) the auxiliary contact of the Insteon "Open/Close Sensor" and sends a short wireless signal to the Insteon "Open/Close Micromodule". This, according to the type of signal received, supplies the line voltage (adjusted with duration of 1 SECOND) to one of the two outputs (UP or DOWN). On each output I connected a micro-relay that closes the rising (or lowering) contact in the control unit for 1 SECOND to raise or lower the screen.

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