Submarine Pens and Business Cards Holder 3D printlines

New design combines pens holder with business cards holder and sticky notes holder in one model to give a special touch to your office or desktop 
very easy to print as one part

File format : STL

The final model dimensions is   X: 227.28 mm , Y: 69.94 mm , Z: 65.26 mm. 

You can also print it on the small build plat volume 200 × 200 mm by  rotate the model to the build plat diagonal direction as shown in the model photos 

Please leave your comment / needs for further improvement 

enjoy ... 

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Uploaded 02/14/2019

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Submarin_PBH.stl 597 KB
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Business card holders come in a range of designs, from classic Uno Online and minimalist to more intricate or modern styles. Select a design that reflects your aesthetic preferences.
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