SMD Soldering Clamp perinski

The general idea taken from:

But plastic and a soldering iron, and the more so a soldering fan - things incompatible.

Therefore, I made my version of the clamp out of available materials, which are not affected by high temperatures.

The only plastic parts are the swing and cork.

The basis is Wenge oak

Aluminum profile rail - 15 2 70mm

Aluminum tubes with a diameter of 6 1 38 mm - 2 pcs, and 6 1 15 mm - 1 pcs

Stainless steel pin diameter 2 mm length 30mm

Rolling shaft diameter 3 mm length 24 mm

Threaded stud M4, And the spring is suitable in size, as well as nut butterfly M4

Countersunk head screws M3 * 6mm

The compounds are glued together with epoxy resin

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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