Tablet holder Tatasala

A simple and practical support for your tablet or your smartphone.
What you need to build it :

The five plastic parts in the STL format that you can download and print with a regular 3D printer.
One M5 nut and one M5 x 35mm screw.
One M8 threaded bar of the length you prefer.

Universal and adaptable to all devices on the market, it has a maximum extension size that depends only on the length of the chosen threaded bar.

No supports needed: attached you can find both the original STL files and modified one with supports for a simple print of the parts.

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Uploaded 10/20/2018
Base 1 with support.STL 75 KB
Base 1.STL 59 KB
Base 2 with support.STL 93 KB
Base 2.STL 91 KB
Holder.STL 18 KB
Screw.STL 41 KB
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