Mountain bike phone holder Tatasala

This new project has been created to realize an easily mountable smartphone or GPS navigator support for the handlebars of any mountain bike or bicycle.

Thanks to its 31.8 mm diameter fastening, the support can be mounted on most standard handlebars available on the market, both on the handlebar (horizontal) and on the front stem (vertical).

The minimum width of the smartphone stand is 50mm and is adjustable up to a maximum width of 80mm for phones up to 6.0".

The files are in STL format and are ready to be printed in plastic with any 3D printer.

You will find two more files, besides the original ones, that come with additional supports for a greater print quality.

The downloadable plastic kit includes 7 files:

Mount one with support

Mount one

Mount two with support

Mount two



Support 2

Once you download and print the plastic parts, you need the following mechanical components to assemble the complete support:

1 hexagonal head screw M3x16mm

1 hexagonal head screw M3x54mm

4 nut M3

2 countersunk screw M3x10mm

2 smooth bar D2x50mm

1 smooth bar D2x10mm

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Uploaded 10/20/2018
Mount one with support.STL 102 KB
Mount one.STL 67 KB
Mount two with support.STL 55 KB
Mount two.STL 37 KB
Screw 2.STL 29 KB
Support 2.STL 48 KB
Support.STL 78 KB
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