Swirly Pen Holder Sergio Lanna

A pen/pencil holder not usual that in addition to keeping the desk clean and in order also gives a little touch of design

I made of two types, one slim and one chubby, if you prefer the slim type then I recommend using the file with reinforcements to avoid ripples of the strips, while printing them, that would make the strips less precise.

The pencil holder in the photo is slim type printed without reinforcements, you can see the roughness on the final part of the rods caused by sways during printing.

If you printed the slim type, after stamp you must remove the red reinforcements (shown in the image by arrows) with a cutter

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Uploaded 07/6/2018

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Swirly Pen holder (Fat).stl 321 KB
Swirly Pen holder (Slim with reinforcements to remove).stl 506 KB
Swirly Pen holder (Slim).stl 489 KB


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