Dual vertical LCD monitor stand VESA - 3 Assembly Variants stv-is-it

3 assembly modes

Small video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0_smlq55Dk

A. Screwed to the table
B. Resting on the table
C. To main monitor


Glue is NOT necessary.
Use a 2-3 mm Allen wrench to fix the inclination of the support of each monitor.
Print the long parts horizontally for greater solidity.
Follow the assembly tables.
Use high strength PLA or ABS (personally I used ABS-ULTRAT).
For printer with plate minimum 200x200 mm.

4 holes on the main base allow further fixing with screws.
For heavy or very high monitors, a simple steel cable can be added to counteract the forward bending.

Personally I use the B and C versions from many months without problems.

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